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Transportation network modeling software designed for multimodal and intermodal freight transport

Change log

This file logs the changes introduced in Nodus since the initial release of version 7.1 on November 14, 2018. The switch from v7.0 to v7.1 was needed because of the use of Groovy 2.5.x that changes the directory structure of a Nodus installation.

On February 21, 2020, version 7.2 was released, using Groovy 3.x. The release number was changed because this version of Groovy may introduce some incompatibilities with scripts written for older versions.

DOI of latest release : DOI

v7.1 - Build20181114

v7.1 - Build20181213

v7.1 - Build20181217

v7.1 - Build20190205

v7.1 - Build20190307

v7.1 - Build20190312

v7.1 - Build20190515

v7.1 - Build20190618

v7.1 - Build20190712

v7.1 - Build20190716

v7.1 - Build20190909

v7.1 - Build20190913

v7.1 - Build20190916

v7.1 - Build2019129

v7.1 - Build20191213

v7.2 - Build20200221

v7.2 - Buil20200325

v7.2 - Build20200427

v7.2 - Build20200507

v7.2 - BuildXXXXXXXX